A phenomenon that takes place three to four times annually gives rise to what is called the mercury retrograde. This is a dreaded time as the resultant effect is complications in communication. Disrupted travel schedules as well as the coming onto the scene of the irksome former lovers. This post offers you the essential guide that will help you to survive the three days that the mercury retrograde will occur. Check out astrostyle.com/mercury-retrograde to get started.

One of the strategies that you can resort to in order to survive the communication breakdown that will be precipitated by the mercury retrograde is to accept the slowdowns. This means that you need to adopt an attitude of gratitude for the things that are having a slower pace instead of fighting them. At this period, the internet will be faster thereby benefitting you greatly.

You need to take advantage of the mercury retrograde period to declutter your closets. On the other hand, this will be an opportune time to direct your energies to all the businesses that you have left pending. In line with the spirit of organization in the Virgo that is under the rule of the mercury, it is highly advisable to undertake prefall sprucing up of various things on the physical levels. You should not embark on fresh projects but concentrate on finalizing on the unfinished ones.

Another effective survival tactic for the mercury retrograde is to avoid entering into and signing contracts at this time. This is informed by the superstitious belief that the agreement will not hold and the likelihood of them breaking is quite high. There is no longevity in the things that take place during this period. For this reason, if you break up with your lover, you will reunite or your ex can return. Click here for more info.

If there are close friends and members of your family that you have not met for a considerable duration of time, the mercury retrograde is the right period to reach out to them. In a lot of cases, these reunions will happen of their own volition. This is the period where you will get a lot of unsolicited mail in your box from people you that you have not communicated with or met a long time ago. In a similar fashion that you pay keen attention to the projects that you abandoned before completing time, take advantage of the retrograde to reignite the relationships that had waned.

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