Learn More about the Scorpio Astrology Zodiac Sign and Scorpio Horoscope

Astrological sign is the basically being used in the western astrology, and it is defined as the twelve thirty degrees sectors of the ecliptic that start at the vernal equinox which is also called as the First Point of Ares. The primary order of the different astrological signs is Aries or the ram, Taurus or the bull, Gemini or the twins, Cancer or the crab, Leo or the lion, Virgo or the maiden, Libra or the scales, Scorpio or the scorpion, Sagittarius or the archer or centaur, Capricorn or the goat-fish hybrid, Aquarius or the water-bearer, and Pisces or the fishes. Click here to check out your Aries horoscope today!

The Scorpio is actually originating from the Scorpius constellation, and it is also the eighth sign in the Zodiac. It is believed that the sun may transit or carry this sign from October 23 to November 22, which is why the people who are born on this range of dates are Scorpio. Some other information about the Scorpio sign is that its zodiac element is water, its zodiac quality is fixed and negative sign, its fall is the moon, its exaltation is the planet Uranus, its detriment is the planet Venus, and its sign ruler is the planet Pluto and the Mars. Aside from the scorpion, the Scorpio sign is also associated with two other animals, and those are the eagle or phoenix and the snake. Another interesting information about the Scorpio sign is that it was Artemis, a Greek deity, who had created the Scorpius constellation. The various colours that can bring luck to the Scorpios are black, brown, deep red and maroon. Scorpio is also recognized as the most misunderstood sign in the Zodiac, which is why the Scorpio people always loves to check out their horoscopes to fully understand their sign, such as their weakness, their personality and their characteristics. Find out more about mercury retrograde at this website.

A lot of people are really fond of checking their horoscopes, may it be yearly, weekly, monthly or daily category. The term horoscope is actually referring to the astrological diagram or chart that represents the planets, sun, moon sensitive angles, and astrological aspects at the birth of a person. Aside from the term horoscope, such chart or diagram can also be called as radix, chart wheel, radical chart, vitasphere, natal chart, astrological chart, celestial map, cosmogram, and star-chart. Since a lot of people really wants to know more about their zodiac sign and horoscope, a lot of websites had been made to provide these details and information to them.

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Learn More about the Scorpio Astrology Zodiac Sign and Scorpio Horoscope